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Emily's Path

'Emily's Path' looks at the relationship of a young woman and her much loved houseplants.  Indoor plants occupy a place in our homes at the intersection of pet and ornament. We cosset them, converse with them and grieve when they die. A well-cared-for houseplant will easily outlive most pets; and unlike an ornament, will respond to your care. They have less volition than a new-born baby. They look to their owner for light, space, water, food, support and warmth; and unlike a baby, they are silent.

Commissioned by HERA, a non-profit organisation which brings women and gender minoritised artists together to celebrate unique stories using music, performance and imagery.  A team of composers, songwriters and singers worked together using these images to create an operatic work telling Emily's story. 

You can watch the final musical work here

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