catholic school girl (2019)

This series is about a transitional period in my teenage life, when I began to question the indoctrination and hypocrisy by those in power around me.  It features text taken from the Catechism (the official book of ‘rules’ for the Catholic faith) as well as stories recalled from my experiences as a teenager at a convent school.

It is an exploration of the binary choices that those in power (in both organised religion, as well as socio-political systems) employ to organise society. From a young age, we are told to cast judgement on others (and often upon ourselves) based on the instructions of a few people who, all too often, fail to abide by those rules themselves. 

The format is sometimes disjointed, a reflection of my feelings about this both then and now. There is a strong focus on Catholic iconography; the ‘visual glue’ for their teachings which arguably, underpins the immense success of religion that has 1.2 billion followers globally.